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“An incredible opportunity to unlock a new and previously undiscovered side of yourself. Highly recommended.”
— Holly Hardstaff, Creative Director H&E Group
“Jackie is an extremely skilled facilitator who is able to combine an empathy, intellectual depth and willingness to go with both the tough stuff and the humour of the moment.  This enables her to facilitate in a way that creates the context for change of the heart and mind.”
— Carmel Pelunsky
“Brilliant. Having experienced the learning first hand I came away with a stronger understanding of leadership without voice and constantly adapting to the environment around you. The effect on was inspirational. (Yes I managed the whole time without my mobile phone as well!)... highly recommend this to anyone considering effective outcome driven leadership development.”
— Gordon Jenkins, CEO, Adaptive Innovation and The Visible Guy
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A big thank you for yesterday’s Equine Assisted Learning session with the NSW Health Senior Executive Development Program participants.

The session achieved everything we had hoped for and so much more. The participants left buzzing, mystified and gratified from the experience with you all (human and horse!) – the richness and depth of the individual and collective learning, the gentleness and grace with which you facilitated and challenged the groups, the depth and knowledge of your craft to provide seamless links to both our program content and their workplace contexts and, of course, the wisdom of our horse partners to show up to exactly what each participant needed.

We are all deeply grateful for our partnership and the joy it has been to work with you from the outset. Looking forward to many more magical experiences in the future.
— Sean Clemmit, Principal Consultant Bendelta
“ I had an incredibly profound experience in re-awakening my connection with life and people by truly being present working with horses and with Jackie. The power of being aware of your presence and reading the cues of a horse mirrored my longing to connect and to tune my awareness of the cues of others. As a coach and facilitator I have arrived and evolving - as a human I am connecting and be-ing. Thank you doesn’t seem enough.” 
— Vicki Samootin, Essenz Coaching
“ I found working with the horses a real eye opener and they drew out of me a need to take life easier and “not stress the small stuff. I would highly recommend the experience to all Leaders to bring them back to what is important in what they are doing.” 
— Deborah Gersbach, CEO North West Disability Services
I’ve done a few team building things in the past with different teams and there seems to always be a level of disconnectedness or trust with the actual process so they will hang back or not actually contribute as much as they are supposed to be contributing.

This equine assisted learning process we did today with our entire team, I am sure that it has something to do with the horses and the facilitators being just a natural environment, not all built for play, that everyone was comfortable to start with. Once we realise we are interacting with the natural environment rather than blocks, toys and notepads etc, everyone is involved, everyone is putting themselves forward and trying to be part of it and so we got a lot out of it. Really really enjoyed it.
— Steve Durkin, Managing Director, SafeScape
Leadership without Reins

Leadership without Reins

“The ‘Power of Presence’ workshop was a wonderful way to explore connecting-in and finding presence within ourselves. Interaction with the Horses was particularly enjoying, and I felt that it offered a deeper look into our perception of ourselves and those around us. I believe this workshop would be of benefit to those who are beginning to explore what it is to be present and mindful.”
— SK
“ Being at The Power of Presence I noticed how effortless it felt to be in the moment so my self reflectiveness & mindfulness just flowed. The 3 facilitators had a lovely energy between them and delivered a professional yet relaxed workshop that was in a beautiful setting.” 
— Adriana
“The Women’s Wellbeing Horse Wisdom Retreat was a much-needed opportunity to escape from the demands of everyday life. From the moment I arrived, I was enveloped by the tranquillity and beauty of the surrounds which provided the perfect back drop and both complemented and enhanced the weekend’s activities. Jackie and Anne were incredibly warm and welcoming, and made me feel instantly at home. ‘Glamping’ was a lot of fun! The program was challenging, thought provoking and rewarding in equal measures – an opportunity to reflect on stress triggers and develop skills that can be applied in ‘the real world’. As a horse lover, the interaction with the equine herd and getting to know the unique personalities and dynamics within it was a highlight.
I would highly recommend a Women’s Wellbeing Retreat for anyone interested in taking time out for themselves, stepping outside their comfort zone and better understanding their place in the world.”
— Tanya
Leadership Workshops

Leadership Workshops

“I really loved the uniqueness of the experience facilitated by Jackie with the horses (for someone that has had very little contact with horses). The session was really interesting, powerful and grounding and I became more self aware, as well as learning about horses. The equine technique or way is a really beautiful, gentle and powerful  way to work with others and gain self awareness and I found it fascinating and would like to do more. Jackie is a beautiful, gentle and reassuring facilitator and I felt completely held and supported by her the whole time, despite having some anxiety with some of the horses. The session flowed gracefully and naturally and I felt totally confident in Jackie’s care. Her experience in this work and with horse was apparent. I would thoroughly recommend working with Jackie and horses to anyone wishing to do some healing, gain self awareness or become grounded or connected in a beautiful and powerful way involving horses. Truly unique experience, thanks Jackie.”
— Jen
“ My personal experience was very powerful. It brought me into the present moment. It allowed me to view and witness the importance of love and remaining present in a loving space. The insight I gained gave me a beautiful reminder of how we can tap into this wisdom and use it in everyday living.”
— Inga
“I did really enjoy the day, during my career in retail operations in the UK  I have seen and been on many management development courses but this way of learning about understanding ourselves through equine assistance has surely got to be the best way of upskilling employees and individuals.”
— Ian Travers
The Power of Presence Public Program

The Power of Presence Public Program

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Women’s Retreat. I left feeling connected, grounded and in love with life. Jackie and Ann are fantastic facilitators, full of wisdom, positive support and teaching skills. They are excellent communicators which meant they always knew how we were feeling and what we wanted to do at any time. It was wonderful to work with the horses and feel that connection with them. Having the whole weekend meant there was time to develop a relationship with a horse which was so meaningful and brought insight, new depth and a feeling of specialness to the experience. I highly recommend the Retreat and am looking forward to coming back next year!”
— Celia
Womens’ Wellbeing Retreat

Womens’ Wellbeing Retreat