Programs and Events

Leadership and Team Experiences 

Unique team building and leadership Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) experiences with powerful impact and real outcomes.

Working with horse and their natural herd dynamics teaches us about trust, authentic communication, connection and leadership.

  • Get your team outdoors

  • Disconnect from technology

  • Learn by doing - practical hands on activities

  • See Immediate shifts in awareness and behaviour 

There is no riding involved and participants do not need any horse experience. All interactions with the horses will be from the ground, applying knowledge that will be shared about horse and herd behaviour.

Suitable for all types of organisation and groups up to 30 people.

We work with teams and locations across Australia.

Each EAL program is tailored to achieve the goals of each organisation and event.

Full Day or Half Day options

Can be designed as either as a stand alone event or as part of a conference or off site.

Conference centres we partner with include:

RACV Resorts Australia wide, Byron at Byron Resort, Crown Plaza Hawkesbury, Cedar Creek Lodge in the Gold Coast Hinterland and Yarra Valley Estate, Victoria

If you are looking for a deeply powerful way for your employees or clients to learn through experience then please contact for a free consultation or download a copy of our brochure.

Team Building
A memorable and powerful day in nature with the horses. Team members will gain deeper insights into each other, build trust and learn new ways to communicate and work towards shared goals. A fun, memorable and effective way to deepen the relationship, communication and trust in teams.

The People and Culture Team at Fantastic Furniture in the Hunter Valley

The People and Culture Team at Fantastic Furniture in the Hunter Valley

“Last week the team took 2 days out in the beautiful Hunter Valley to connect and develop our strategy for the year ahead. We were challenged to observe and interact with horses as a way of understanding how we as a team communicate and engage with each other. We were able to learn and reflect on how our energy, body language, thoughts and intentions impact and influence everyone around us. We walked away from the day feeling connected as a team, energised and incredibly grateful for the meaningful learning experience with the horses. If you’re looking for an insightful team experience I would highly recommend Jackie’s unique approach.”
— Samantha Mueller, Head of Learning and Development at Fantastic Furniture

Leadership Development

Learn how to connect,  inspire and lead horses that are ‘at liberty’ (ie: free from control and restraints), through the art of communication from a place of presence, deep listening, trust and positive intention. 

As you step into relationship with the horses and begin to experiment with non-verbal forms of communication and leadership styles you will receive authentic feedback from the horse in a non-judgmental and very transparent way.

Adjust and practice new ways of leading; from the front, side by side, from behind and in creating space for others to shine.

This workshop is suitable for executive and leadership teams across all industries.

It can be delivered as a stand alone event or as as experiential component of an in-house Leadership Development Program.

SafeScape, Bendigo
We used Equine Assisted learning on the last day of a three day program that focused on leadership and team behaviours, understanding the system, relationships and communication.

Participants were able to receive immediate feedback from the horses about how they were showing up and the impact that they were having both positive and not so positive. Participants could not rely on their ‘technical’ competence and so observable behaviour both as individuals and in their teams, generated lots of responses, insights and great discussion…comments such as ’the horses never lie’ – ‘listen to the horse’…’the horse is always right’ were just some of the phrases that were used during the reviews.

For many, it was a very powerful and meaningful experience. Highly recommend it as a wonderful experience in a great setting, away from the office.
— Francesca Talevi Senior Consultant, Learning Centre| Executive Education Melbourne Business School

Private Coaching - Leadership and Personal Development

The 6 session Equine Assisted Leadership Coaching Program

  • Session 1: Presence and Awareness

  • Session 2: Boundaries and Expectations

  • Session 3: Thoughts and Beliefs

  • Session 4: Feelings and Emotional Regulation

  • Session 5: Authentic Connection and Relationships

  • Session 6: Leading without Reins

Coaching sessions are held in the Northern Rivers, NSW and options are for the 6 week programs or as an intensive program over a weekend. Accomodation can be provided on request.

Public Workshop - The Power of Presence

A one day workshop

  • Unplug, relax and remove yourself from the daily distractions of work and home

  • Unwind and connect with calm and kind horses to re- discover the beauty of trust and respect in relationships

  • Learn and practice life skills; awareness, deep listening, clear communication, managing emotions and stress management techniques

Horse are innately grounded beings, who have all four feet firmly on the ground. As a prey animal horses need to be alert to changes in the environment and can enter flight or flight state quickly in response to a threat in order to protect themselves. Yet equally they have survived for thousands of years as a species because they have embodied processes that release stress and allows them to ‘go back to grazing’ when the threat is over. Learn through ‘the way of the horse’ about healthy behaviours and develop greater resilience to deal with life’s challenges.

2019 Public Program Dates

Byron Bay , at Burringbar Equine Centre on Sunday September 22nd, 10am to 4pm.

This program can also be booked for private groups.


Weekend Getaways

Weekend Equine Escape

October 19th and 20th 2019,

Chum Creek, Yarra Valley, Victoria


You are invited to attend a unique wellbeing and personal development experience, combining Equine Assisted Learning and horse riding in a picturesque and restorative setting in the Yarra Valley. Presence is the art of being fully in the moment, not distracted by past thoughts and emotions, nor being worried/focused on future plans. Horses model the skills of living in the present moment with embodiedawareness. They are skilled at emotional regulation and keeping grounded to stay healthy and happy. The impact of being with horses in nature has a calming effect that also creates insight to support improved wellbeing.

What does the retreat offer?

  • Time Out - a chance for connection with yourself, other like minded people and the beautiful horses

  • Fun, hands on exercises and activities designed to create opportunities to discover your inner (often hidden) strengths and to identify, and work on, areas that need attention.

  • Deepen your practice of mindfulness, grounding, embodied awareness

  • Increase self-awareness, reflection over reaction, self regulation skills that help manage stress and build resilience

  • Increased capacity for authentic communication and relationships

Chum Creek

What’s included:

  • Daily Equine Assisted Learning Group Sessions Part of every day will be spent with the herd of beautiful horses at Chum Creek, learning to listen to what they have to say.

  • A mountain trail ride to a rustic cabin with spectacular views - including wine tasting with a local legend (suitable for beginner riders)

  • Access to acres of natural bushland and walking trails.

  • Lunch Saturday and Sunday

  • Campfire dinner on Saturday night


  • Limited onsite luxury shared cabin/self catering accommodation (on a first come basis, from $100 pp per night, minimum two nights)

  • Onsite camping available ($30pp per night).

  • Local Yarra Valley resorts and Air BNB accomodation

  • Join us for Friday night Pub Dinner.

Chum Creek Luxury Cabins

PRICE: Workshop Fee is $850 inclusive of 2 x EAL workshops, trail ride, wine tasting, two lunches and Saturday night dinner. Accomodation packages available on request.