Horses helping humans learn leadership and life skills.

We know that communication, relationship and leadership skills are critical for successful and productive businesses.

It is the same when working with horses.

Horses respond best to good connection, clear communication and consistent, calm leadership.  

The horse requires us to be present and aware, a good listener, and to show up authentically so that they can trust you and your intentions.

Jackie Smith and her team at The Wisdom of The Horse create unique, memorable and deeply powerful experiential programs for individuals and organisations.

Team Building 

Leadership Development


Conferences and Retreats

Jackie Smith is an organisational dynamics and leadership consultant and coach with over 20 years experience. Learn more about Jackie and how horses have inspired her to create The Wisdom of The Horse programs with this short 3 minute video.

Jackie works with a team of highly experienced leadership and change consultants, horse coaches and equine specialists and venue partners to be able to deliver programs can be delivered in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hunter Valley and Byron Bay.

The Wisdom of The Horse workshops are custom designed to support each organisation’s specific learning goals and are suitable for.

Full or Half Day one off workshop

Conference or retreat experience

Integrated into a leadership program

Weekend retreats

We also partner with Executive Education and Consultancy firms to offer an experiential component to Leadership Development Programs.

Contact Jackie to discuss your organisation’s needs or request a brochure.

We used Equine Assisted learning on the last day of a three day program that focused on leadership and team behaviours, understanding the system, relationships and communication.

Participants were able to receive immediate feedback from the horses about how they were showing up and the impact that they were having both positive and not so positive. Participants could not rely on their ‘technical’ competence and so observable behaviour both as individuals and in their teams, generated lots of responses, insights and great discussion…comments such as ’the horses never lie’ – ‘listen to the horse’…’the horse is always right’ were just some of the phrases that were used during the reviews.

For many, it was a very powerful and meaningful experience. Highly recommend it as a wonderful experience in a great setting, away from the office.
— Francesca Talevi, Senior Consultant Learning Centre Executive Education, Melbourne Business School
Xypex Leadership Team

Xypex Leadership Team

Why Horses?

Our Equine Assisted Learning programs are successful for the following reasons. 

Nature Based

Spending the day outside in nature, away from office distractions helps participants to ground, relax, be focused and therefore more open to learning.

The Way of The Horse

Horses are sentient beings with innate emotional intelligence and leadership skills that have supported them to live effectively in social groups (herds) for millions of years.   Horses also live entirely in the present moment and use their whole of body/senses and we can learn energetic presence and awareness skills. And, when happy and healthy, horses have a very effective ability to self-regulate (deal effectively with stress) - something most of us need support with.

Authentic Feedback

Horses are highly sensitive beings. They pick up intention and emotions by reading non -verbal body language and personal energy. They will react to you authentically without consideration of your title or position. Horse can help bring clarity to the question “How does my state of being influence those around me.”


The horses offer a safe way to experiment with changes in behaviour such as setting clearer boundaries, practicing deep listening skills or noticing the impact of shifting our emotional state.

In Equine Assisted Learning participants learn by doing and through being in relationship with the horses. The horse’s response will provide authentic feedback in a non-judgmental way about how the participants are showing up, mentally, emotionally and physically.  The facilitators encourage participants to observe and reflect on the impact in real time and make subtle changes noticing any shifts.  This unique aspect of Equine Assisted Learning is where the power lies in this process.

Connection and Communication

Connection and Communication