“ A horse never lies. The horse will be exactly as good as the human. When he has a choice, the horse will make his own decision. And that decision will always be a reflection of you, the human”.
— Dennis Reis, The Red Book of Horse Wisdom.

I was introduced to the powerful and healing work of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) several years ago through my own personal experience. Now I facilitate group workshops and personal coaching sessions that support self-awareness and building skills in presence, communication, relationship and leadership to private and business clients across Australia. 

Working in nature in peaceful and beautiful settings with these wise, insightful and emotionally intelligent beings brings joy and purpose to my life and empowers those who participate to make conscious choices in their worlds. 

Horses read body language, feelings and emotional energy of people. They communicate, when free to do so, clearly and can help us to see and learn more about ourselves. Strange but true – horses can support humans to grow both personally and professionally.

My workshops and private sessions are always ground based – meaning there is no riding involved. The contact with the horses is always at a pace that feels safe and right for the client. My approach is informed by my own mindfulness practice, equine assisted learning experiences and knowledge I have gained from over 20 years working as a consultant, coach and facilitator of leadership programs and teacher of emotional intelligence. 

I am constantly learning from the horses I work with. They have been my mirror to deeper self-awareness, my teachers of presence and clear communication and have also at times been my healer. They can do the same for you.

Jackie Smith

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