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HORSE WISDOM  Women’s Wellbeing Weekend Retreat

ANNOUNCING NEW DATES FOR 2018:    May 18th - 20th, 2018

3 DAYS to re-connect, re-fresh and be inspired at our Equine Assisted Learning and Mindfulness workshop for women in the Northern Rivers NSW at Burringbar Equine Centre.

Women's Retreat   Testimonials from 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed the Women’s Retreat. I left feeling connected, grounded and in love with life. Jackie and Ann are fantastic facilitators, full of wisdom, positive support and with and teaching skills. They are excellent communicators which meant they always knew how we were feeling and what we wanted to do at any time. It was wonderful to work with the horses and feel that connection with them. Having the whole weekend meant there was time to develop a relationship with a horse which was so meaningful and brought insight, new depth and a feeling of specialness to the experience.  I highly recommend the Retreat and am looking forward to coming back next year!  Celia

“The Women’s Wellbeing Retreat was a much-needed opportunity to escape from the demands of everyday life. From the moment I arrived, I was enveloped by the tranquillity and beauty of the surrounds which provided the perfect back drop and both complemented and enhanced the weekend’s activities. Jackie and Anne were incredibly warm and welcoming, and made me feel instantly at home. ‘Glamping’ was a lot of fun!   The program was challenging, thought provoking and rewarding in equal measures – an opportunity to reflect on stress triggers and develop skills that can be applied in ‘the real world’. As a horse lover, the interaction with the equine herd and getting to know the unique personalities and dynamics within it was a highlight.
I would highly recommend a Women’s Wellbeing Retreat for anyone interested in taking time out for themselves, stepping outside their comfort zone and better understanding their place in the world.”   Tanya

This is a weekend designed to nourish all of the senses and leave you feeling relaxed, restored and reconnected. 

In the busy world of today, and as we juggle the expectations and needs of others, it is easy to lose sense of ourselves, and our bigger picture.  

 ·      Re-connect with mind, body, heart and spirit

·      Re-fresh and return feeling clear and uplifted

·      Immerse in self-awareness activities with horses  

·      Learn practical tools and knowledge to support improved wellbeing

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2018 Price:   $750  (workshop) or  $ 990  (with accommodation)

Save $100 if you register before 31st December 2017

Enquire below to request a Retreat Brochure or to register your interest in future events. 


Coaching is all about helping you get from where you are now to where you want to be.  Jackie’s transformative coaching programs include coaching and mindfulness to give you practical tools, knowledge and resources to help you start mastering your mindset, your emotions and stress levels and your innate ability to listen to and be guided by your inner wisdom and knowledge. Enquire about Individual Coaching Packages that include Skype calls and Equine Assisted Learning sessions with the horses, suitable for both Executive Coaching and Personal Development. 

Professional Development/ Immersion Experiences 

Memorable, unique and powerful professional development experiences for all types of organisations. Here are examples some of our programs:

Team Development
A memorable and powerful day in nature with the horses.   Learn about, observe and experience horse and herd behaviour.   Being social and emotional animals horses can teach alot about effective teamwork, including clear communication, setting boundaries, respect for individual needs, group dynamics, productive relationships and achieving team goals.  Equine Assisted Team Development Workshops are fun, memorable and unique events but also deliver practical action plans for how to translate what was learnt back at work.   All workshops are custom designed for your organisation and can be organised as half days, full days or weekend retreats. 

The Power of Presence
Being with the horses supports people to learn practical techniques for stress management, including mindfulness, awareness and empathy skills that can easily be translated to achieving greater resilience in the workplace.  This workshop is suitable for organisations, school leadership teams, community groups and can be delivered as a stand alone event or integrated into a Corporate Health and Wellbeing Program.  To learn more about how EAL can support greater wellbeing in the workplace read this Article.

Leadership Impact

Learn how to connect,  inspire and lead horses that are ‘at liberty’ (ie: free from control and restraints), through the art of communication from a place of presence, deep listening, trust and positive intention. As you step into relationship with the horses and begin to experiment with non-verbal forms of communication and leadership styles you will receive authentic feedback from the horse in a non-judgmental and very transparent way. For leaders, and in fact anyone interested in personal development, this can be an important opportunity to consider “how am I experienced in the eyes of the other?”

This workshop is suitable for organisations, school leadership teams and community groups and can be delivered as a stand alone event or as part of a Leadership Development Program.

Custom Programs
If you are a business leader, consultant, event organiser or Human Resources/ L&D Manager considering an Equine Assisted Learning event for your next team build, leadership course or retreat then contact me to explore options.

We have suitable venues all across Australia. 

Public Workshops  

Discover The Wisdom Of The Horse

A full day workshop where horses support humans to learn about wellbeing, mindfulness and develop the awareness and resilience skills that can increase your capacity to achieve your personal and/or professional goals

In an intimate small group, you will learn mindfulness practices and participate in equine assisted learning activities in a beautiful natural setting.  No riding is involved, all contact with the horses is from the ground and you do not need any horse experience.  How can horses help humans? 

Wellbeing & Stress Management: Horses model the skills of living fully in the present moment, awareness and connection to body and senses.   This workshop helps you to understanding more about how your brain and bodies function when under stress and teaches practical ways you can improve your resilience and move to a place of greater calmness and clarity.

Self-Awareness: Horses are responsive to energy and body language and will respond to each person uniquely and without judgement.   With the gentle guidance of the facilitator, this feedback from the horses can create those AHA moments where you come away with greater insight about the negative thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your goals at work and in life. 

Enquire Now for dates and locations of public workshops throughout 2017.